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Especially now, when the personal assistant is covering your back


Why are we the best choice?

  • First of all, we provide you with safety. You can always count on your assistant, even at the busiest times.
  • Your personal assistant is running organization moments and editing of shots. Using your references he can maintain comfortable conditions for shots creation.
  • The collection of eBooks that you will possess is full of handy, fascinating and motivational works.

Dorothy Parker

Great source! If there were a room for LIKE button, I would definitely press it. Your assistance helped me in organization of working process A LOT.

Adam Foster

I am using this service for two weeks now and clearly see the result of the assistant help. I feel like my productivity grew a lot.

Ronnie Moss

I’d never thought that it is possible to straighten out all the mess in my schedule, but personal assistant put everything in order. Now I have much more free time for self-development.

Take a closer look at our prices



Assistance in:

  • Up to 2 videos for editing
  • 5 hours Assistance
  • 4 new eBooks every 2 Weeks
  • Trial period of 5 days at 1.95 €

Standard pack


Assistance in:

  • Up to 5 videos for editing
  • 10 hours Assistance
  • 6 new eBooks every 2 Weeks
  • Trial period of 5 days at 1.95 €

PRO pack


Assistance in:

  • Up to 10 videos for editing. We'll help to prepare your portfolio
  • 20 hours Assistance
  • 8 new eBooks every 2 Weeks
  • Trial period of 5 days at 1.95 €

Unique Order

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If none of the previous plans does suit you, there is an option to make your own! Just fill in the contact form with your data and message about Unique Order and our support team will contact you!

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  • Cesta krških žrtev 52, 8270 Krško, Slovenia

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